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These are just some of the services offered by our investigators. If you don't find exactly what you are looking for, either e-mail us directly or contact an investigator in your area from the "find investigator" button on your left for more information.

Address Search/verification

Articles of Incorporation Searches
Asset Searches/verification
Automobile Registration Verification
Bankruptcy Record Searches/verification
Birth Records Verification
Boat/Vessel Records Searches
Business Records
Copyright Searches
Corporate Officer Search & Verification
Court Records Searches
Background Investigations
Civil Investigative Services
Death Records Searches & Verification
Debt Collections
Divorce Records Searches/verification
Due Diligence Investigations
Employment Records Searches & Verification
Fraud Investigations
General Investigations
Hand Writing Examination & Analysis
Insurance Investigations
Intellectual Property (trademark, gray market, Counterfeiting)
Judgment Searches
Lien Searches & Verification
Litigation (Party) Search
Locate Hidden Assets
Locate Missing Persons
Maritime Record Searches & Verification
Marriage Records Searches
Missing Heir Searches & Locates
Mortgage/Title Searches & Verification
Motor Vehicle Records Searches
Personal Background investigations
Pre-employment Background Investigations
Professional License/Certifications Verification
Real Property Searches Records Retrieval Services
Reference Verifications
Repossessions ( Bailiff Services )
Service of Process and documents
Skip Tracing
Undercover Investigations
Witness Searches & Locates


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